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Like any friendship, fellowship with God doesn’t always mean perfect connection and communication. Relationships are sometimes tested and grown through separation and silence. Sometimes we take the biggest leaps forward in a friendship when it’s tested by trial or distance. Since God wants us to grow in our eternal fellowship with Him, sometimes we walk through distant lands to arrive safely home. Read some encouragement here!

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  • Parable Of Luke: This parable in Luke is the timeless classic of God's unending and unconditional love.
  • Friendship Verses: The Bible has many excellent examples of true friends. Learn about David and Jonathan, Peter and Jesus, and others.
  • Return Of The Prodigal: God's unconditional love and forgiveness are expressed in this timeless parable.
  • Christian Family Fellowship: What does Christian companionship really mean? Why is it so important? What does the Bible say?
  • Bible Study Small Groups: What’s the biblical basis for group study and fellowship among believers? Check it out here.
  • Jesus' Blood Sacrifice: God's forgiveness is found in Jesus Christ alone. Understand that truth here.
  • Christian Fellowship: God created us with a desire for relationships. Discover why this is and how that desire can be filled.
  • The Body of Christ: Learn more about this entity of fellowship. Through service, promoting unity, and sharing your faith, you can be an active part.
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Forgiveness brings peace and healing into relationships. It is essential to maintain feelings of peace in your life.
  • Loving Your Neighbor: Popular clichй or biblical truth? Christ’s view of religion summed up in one powerful phrase.
  • Forgiveness and Healing: Understand why forgiveness is important and essential to emotional healing. Is it a natural response or can we learn forgiveness?
  • Doctrine Of The Trinity: The Christian doctrine rooted in the Bible that reveals the full nature of God.
  • Biblical Christian Agape Love: What is the true biblical definition of the love we're called to exercise as Christians?
  • Forgiving Yourself of Past Sins: I need to forgive myself. Where do I start? What do I say? Is it really that important?

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